By the age of three a toddler’s vocabulary is usually about 200 words and many kids can string together three or four word sentences.

They can scribble and maybe a few letters and perhaps their name.

Potty training? Some mums claim to have done it in a week. The kids that is, not the mums.

Three is a tricky age.

What can you expect of a web-site that is three years old? An organisation facing its third birthday?

This year The Academy will be 3 on Valentines Day!

This three year old is remarkably mature, is writing like a good-un and I’m pretty sure is potty trained!

Three million page views, over 2,000 every day; people looking for good ideas and how to do things better. Every week scores of people send us their good ideas and innovations for sharing.

Canada are looking to start a branch of the Academy and we are expecting Australia to follow this summer.

It’s been an action packed three years, 120 Ambassadors have joined us, with their enthusiasm and commitment, means the Academy has influence right into the NHS, primary and secondary care and the third sector.

The Academy is looking mature before its time!

Coveted annual awards, voted on by you, the readers and participants on the web-site brings us all together, once a year. For the last two years at the fabulous O2 arena.

Why does it work? How has it grown so quickly?

Based on the science of positive deviance, when a group of people face challenges and tough times, there will always be some who find a better way, a quicker way, a new way. They are the positive deviants. The Academy creates a platform for these positive people to show us what good looks like and an opportunity to share their solutions and ideas.

In it’s short life the Academy has been able to support Change Day and help it grow into change week. A national celebration of NHS organisations, all over England, sharing their pledges to change what they do.

For the first time, last year, the Academy published the outcomes of Change Day and this year a more ambitious work is planned detailing the outcomes of Change Week.

Thank you for an amazing three years and with your guidance we look forward to continue growing up in the years to come.

Happy Birthday

Roy, Terri and Jon

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