‘Every team requires unity. A team has to move as one unit, one force with each person understanding and assisting the roles of his teammates. If the team doesn’t do this, whatever the reason, it goes down in defeat. You win or lose as a team as a family’ Jack Kemp

It’s not easy starting a new job especially when a team understands each other so well.

How well do we really know each other in the work place?

What do team members really think of each other?

How do we communicate to each other what matters to me and how best to support me to help me the best I can be?

Solution to the problem: One Page Profile

I can’t take the credit for this genius and simple idea.

I have ‘pinched with pride’.

My good friend who works in another organisation shared her one page profile with me.

I in turn have shared this fabulous idea with others in my trust.

It’s easy and simple to use. ‘Does what it says on the tin’

One page profile can be displayed in the staff room, office wall – anywhere for other team members to read and understand YOU.

Ask new members of the team to complete this before they start their new role.

Ask well established team members to complete one as part of a team building exercise.

It’s also a great tool to use to prepare for your dreaded appraisal.

A one page profile can provide any individual an opportunity to reflect.

About the Author:

I am a quality improvement practitioner at Wirral University Teaching Hospital, @wuthNHS where I am involved with the North West Advancing Quality initiative. I am proud to be a fab ambassador. I work with a diversity of people and encourage them to share their journey/ success/ ideas on to the website. Making them take ownership of their work makes them feel good about their work and themselves. When this happens, our patients feel the benefit by the fab care they receive. The NHS is seen as a negative institution, the fab ambassadors are out to change this by showing the world how Fab we are.

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