We pledged: To develop and maintain a testicular support group.

To support patients and assist with recovery.

To increase the therapeutic alliance between CNSs, patients and carers.

To decrease isolation and improve survivorship.

Working at the Germ Cell Cancer Centre the Uro-oncology CNS team wanted to develop survivorship for our cancer patients.

Michelle undertook an audit, this gave data to develop the support group.

The men canvassed stated they wanted all male meetings, without partners accompanying.

They needed a drop in format on a once a month basis.

Initially we hoped to host in a new building off site.

Unfortunately, due to not wanting to confirm a set agenda, as the individuals attending the group need to develop their group and raise the topics whilst being supported by the CNSs. Only wanting monthly meets, in line with feedback within the audit, around work and family commitments.

Issues with other charities being invited, our meeting was supported by Orchid Cancer and CLICsargent.

We CNSs, as healthcare professionals are impartial and promote all professional services that we feel appropriately support our patients.

We then had to find another venue.

We used a large seminar room in our radiotherapy department.

We were pleasantly surprised when 8 men arrived for our first meeting.

It was a pleasure to listen to their stories and offer support.

These patients stated this group will aid with isolation, masculinity issues and improve their survivorship journey.

We were all very excited when the men said they would be back next month.

We will keep you posted….Shiv, Michelle and Mary…..with special thanks to Rob from Orchid and Louise from UCHL / CLICsargent

Colorectal/Stoma Care Nurse for 20 years. Now working as Head of Education Ostomy Dvision Coloplast Ltd. supporting Nurse Specialists demonstrate their value via Apollonursingresource.com . Love photography and have developed AcademyOfFabulousArtStuff.com a not for profit venture which is all about having fun with photography, painting and drawing to raise money for charity.

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