I made my pledge to complete the Bliss audit and implement family integrated care to benefit parents and their babies by allowing them to be involved in all aspects of their babies care.


This is still a work in progress but we are making great strides to achieving this.

We have completed the initial audit and have had feedback with ideas to improve our working practice.

The family integrated care team will meet to discuss these and formulate a plan to take things forward.


There has been a lot achieved from small changes to bigger plans such as parents administering their own babies medications.

There is a shift in culture and encouraging parents to be involved much more in the day to day care of their baby

About the Author:

I am a quality improvement practitioner at Wirral University Teaching Hospital, @wuthNHS where I am involved with the North West Advancing Quality initiative. I am proud to be a fab ambassador. I work with a diversity of people and encourage them to share their journey/ success/ ideas on to the website. Making them take ownership of their work makes them feel good about their work and themselves. When this happens, our patients feel the benefit by the fab care they receive. The NHS is seen as a negative institution, the fab ambassadors are out to change this by showing the world how Fab we are.

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