Happy New Year & our first share of the year and all part of my 1 share a month promise.

In November 2017 we introduced End of Life Care relative vouchers at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital(SaTH).

Staff on our wards are supported and encouraged to offer hot and cold drinks & snacks to relatives who are visiting a loved one at end of life, we have even supplied many of our wards with tubs that contain nice mugs and glasses.

The voucher funded by the Swan Fund entitles people visiting loved ones at the end of life to a hot drink and slice of cake at our cafe or restaurant on us, this can encourage relatives to take a short break and look after themselves it doesn’t replace the kindness of ward staff it’s as well as.

The little things are the big things and make all the difference at the hardest of times.

Relative feedback has been amazing in only 1 month.

A big thank you to Nick Parkin Catering Manager, Lynn Rowley and team at SaTH for supporting this important work. Also thank you to Jules Lock Lead Volunteer who has donated so many tubs with nice mugs and glasses.

Thank you, Jules and Team at SaTH

Jules Lewis EOLC Facilitator Lead Nurse & Fab Ambassador at SaTH #kindness #onechance #swanscheme

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