Myography is a life story book for older adults, it was designed to not only record a persons life story but prompt and promote engagement not only from the author but also their family, friends and carers.

Myography contains hundreds of unique autobiographical stickers, maps, and adult colouring helping you to create a personalised book, It’s your story your way. It has been designed not just for the individual but with the family in mind. Y

ou simply remove one of the many autobiographical stickers place it at the top of a page and answer it, this could be from the individuals perspective or the family members.

Ultimately we would like to see Myography at someone’s funeral, being used as book condolences, bursting open at the seems with children colouring, old photos and dog-eared pages so the family don’t just take home a book of signatures but their loved one’s story to pass onto grandchildren so they can have a real connection with those that came before.

Our initial version was originally designed for older adults living with a diagnosis of dementia, however, due to already popular demand, we are currently creating a version for adults so anyone from 18 upwards can start recording their story.

Whilst we aren’t quite ready to release Myography, you can check us out at www.indiegogo.com/projects/myography or at our website www.myography.co.uk

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