In the beginning On the 19th April 2017 I was approached by a breast cancer patient, Louise who was undertaking a yoga training course and wanted to look at the possibility of delivering a course to local breast cancer patients-during and post treatment.

Pilot project plan discussed and key actions agreed for me to take forward. Literature search and review performed.

Evidence supports likely benefit for patient psychically and psychologically.

Engagement of key stake holders secured. Executive summary report produced.

Downloaded list of breast cancer patients diagnosed in 2016

Lengthy process of ‘box ticking’ to ensure safety and quality.

Louise underwent volunteer application process.

Scoping questionnaires sent out to 333 patient-108 returned.

Majority (60-70%) in favour of pilot, would commit to 6 week course, would provide own transport/eye pillows/anonymous feedback.

30-50% splits for size of group, time of day and BCNS presence.

Requests to local charity groups resulted in delivery of 15 sets of equipment from British Wheel of Yoga and offer of £500 from local support group for additional equipment.

Pilot to be hosted from waiting room in Emerald Suite at Grantham Hospital

Date agreed to start 27th September 2017.

Challenges of set up

Knowing who to contact and what approvals were required.

Regular email contacts to update each other-unaware how time consuming pilot would be.

Processing questionnaire data time consuming-no administrative support.

Induction process a challenge as no other similar volunteer roles/profiles.

Difficulty obtaining car park pass as Louise needed to park close by due to health issues. Challenges of implementation

Time and physical energy to empty waiting room each Wednesday morning and then replace furniture for afternoon clinics

Corridor noisy with conversation despite signs advertising yoga in progress Blinds ordered for internal waiting room windows-suppliers put on outside of room in error. Time span to rectify

Space to store equipment-was moving from various rooms-then stored behind poster in waiting room.

Not knowing if participants were going to attend and therefore delays in starting sessions waiting

Small number of eventual participants Interactions with radio interviewers can be difficult.

What did we achieve?

Louise enriched by experience of teaching participants

Positive feedback from participants at end of each session

Following a press release, contact from patients to go on waiting list for programme roll out.

Interest from St Barts to learn from our pilot as keen to start one.

Ability to provide patients with tools to self manage some effects of breast cancer treatments.

Feedback to trust board in terms of patient experience.

Promote pilot through FAB website and Macmillan Voice Adds to the growing body of evidence that yoga benefits this patient group.

Would we do it again? Absolutely yes.

If anyone is considering setting up a yoga programme or for any other information / advice please contact me Nicky Turner Macmillan CNS Breast Emerald Suite Grantham Hospital 01476 464764 / 01476 593945 Email: [email protected]

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