I am sharing this simple but fabulous idea that one of our at SaTH EOLC Champions came up with during the fab change week champion afternoon tea.

Roy and Terri from the Acadamy of Fabulbous Stuff were at the tea and Miriam Gilbert was talking to Rachel, Debbie and Jules Lock about her idea of a message card for people visiting an end of life relative / friend while family were not present.

if there was a message card they could write a message of support for the family letting them know they had been to visit.

So we went about getting this put into action with the help of Sam from the Web Team.

This idea can also be used by our EOLC Volunteers to say how the dying person was at their visit to support the family at the hardest of time.

This week a funeral director got in touch with me because a lovely family I supported recently wanted to donate the funeral donations to the Swan Fund so I shared the message card and suggested they consider printing them for the funeral, family and friends could use them to share a memory & offer support.

It’s the little things that are the big things. We have one chance to get it right for every person every time.

Well done Miriam Gilbert a fabulous EOLC Champion & Staff Nurse on AMU Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust.

Thank you Jules Lewis EOLC Facilitator Lead Nurse at SaTH

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