I pledged to organise a Randomised Coffee Trial (RCT) across the Greater Manchester NIHR Clinical Research Network to link together research staff whom are based in a range of NHS Trusts in the locality and often work in small silos.

The original idea has split into three parts;

1. RCT advertised via word of mouth and communications bulletins has linked 30 research practitioners across 8 organisations with very positive feed back so far.

2. a RCT was part of a Greater Manchester research conference arranged on 14th November, all 70 delegates took part. Despite initial hesitation I received positive feedback. At the beginning of my presentation only half of the audience had heard of RCT’s and only 3 had heard of the FAB academy.

3. As part of Manchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust I am currently recruiting to a RCT across the Trust hospital sites; 28 signed up on the first day of FAB change week!

The on going plan is to collate feed back from all RCTs to present to senior management to support a proposal for a regular bi monthly RCT offered to NHS research staff across Greater Manchester and for a national RCT across all National Institute of Health Research Clinical Research Networks as part of International Clinical Trials day in May 2018.

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About the Author:

I'm a registered Mental Health Nurse and recently started working as a Research Nurse in the core team for the National Institute for Health Research, Greater Manchester network. I'm hoping to link in with other research active staff nationally and health care staff across Greater Manchester or my home area of Widnes, Cheshire.

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