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My words – Only just a few months ago as a hospital Chaplain I was called out to Carlton Coleby ward at Lincoln County hospital to the death of a young Mum.

This lady had a young son who was 13 years of age and as you can imagine he was devastated. Later that week when I went to the ward for a debrief I quickly picked up from the staff that it was so difficult to have a young boy there whose Mum had died suddenly and find, that words seemed few and “What do you say or do” at a time like this was prevalent.

I took this away and processed it.

I know that we now have carers badges, and twiddle muffs and Swan pool bags, and other Fab stuff people do, but yes what do we do for young people who are bereaved?

What could I come up with?

I thought about a ‘bag to remember’ and what to put in it knowing that finances aren’t easy to find.

So my idea- I pledged at Fab change week at Lincoln County.

This is the idea. I have put together a bag that is just a bit bigger than A 4 size and is a drawstring bag.

In the bag I have placed 2 Magazines for young people. ( McMillan) One is ‘Going to a funeral when someone dies’ the other is ‘Grief and Loss when someone dies’

Inside is also 2 leaflets one is called ‘Bereavement things that may help’ ‘A guide for children’ and the other is ‘Bereavement things that may help a guide for Adults to support children’

Also in the bag is a balloon to remember and a tag label the balloon has on it ‘you are loved ‘ you are missed’ ‘you are remembered’

Along with these I have designed 2 leaflets with information on books, support groups and support on line for young people who are bereaved.

The words as follows : We hope your bag of resources is helpful, at this very hard time for you. Use it as you wish. It has been made with your hurt and pain in mind. We hope it helps to find some answers to your questions. We hope to it will help in the future.

Staff have been so generous and every day they drop off more items for the bags.

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