Last year we ran a  successful campaign at James Paget University Hospital and managed to nearly double our Flu Jab uptake amongst our frontline.


During last year’s campaign we spent a lot of time talking to the frontline staff and we realised that there were a lot of myths surrounding the Flu Jab. The number one excuse to not to have the Flu Jab was: ‘I am healthy’; ‘I do not need the Flu Jab’.

But let me tell you one thing: Flu kills

Public Health England estimated that an average 8,000 people die from flu in England each year and you can be the cause for infecting vulnerable people.

Roughly 1 in 5 people are infected by some form of the flu each winter, but It’s a fact that 7 out of 10 people carrying virus have no symptoms, but they could infect other people and it could kill them.

That’s why you should get vaccinated.

Don’t be a killer, be a Flu Fighter!!

We have a duty on candour to protect our patients and do no harm and in my opinion by refusing to get the Flu Jab you potentially are putting your family, your colleagues and your vulnerable patients at risk.

To convince the undecided is a difficult task and we decided to look for a fun way to burst some of the Flu Vaccine Myth, but unfortunately a part from a few quizzes I could not find anything else.

By chance I came across the Online Sepsis Game and love it. It was a simple game but at the same time it was very educational and fun to play with http://jamespaget.focusgames.com/

Focus game is a Glasgow based company who have been developing relevant, evidence based and engaging games since 2004 and have worked in collaboration with the NHS and I decided to approach them.


They were very keen. We were looking for a fun way to raise awareness of the importance of the Flu Jab and clear all the myth that surrounds the vaccine. We also wanted to provide facts and evidence to people and hopefully encourage them to get vaccinated.

The game is based on the top 30 excuses that the staff gave me last year why not to have the Flu Jab. I wanted to create a fun game to create a bit of a buzz. We were looking for ideas and characters and the FluBee just came during a brain storm with my Flu campaign colleagues at the James Paget University Hospitals. The whole mascot fitted perfectly, we wanted to create a real buzz and have bee soldiers who could vaccinate the Trust staff. The idea took shape and the FluBee game was born.

The FluBee Game works on any device and it only takes a few minutes to play.  The aim of the game is to reach the top avoiding the flu viruses as quickly as possible.  Players are asked a series of questions about flu and vaccination and correct answers are rewarded with new segments of a honeycomb. If they get enough questions right the ‘honeycomb path’ leads them to a ‘Flu Fighter’ status by reaching the hive at the top.

Imagine that you’re a bee collecting pollen on a meadow and suddenly the Flu Viruses are threatening your colony.

You only have 60 seconds to reach the hive and raise the alarm.

What are you waiting for? GO!!

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