The Southern Trust Continuous Improvement Team has developed a range of quality improvement capacity and capability building accredited programmes, learning opportunities and practical resources to support staff deliver safe, high quality care.


The Southern Trust approach is built on a 5 Step Quality Improvement Model where project management and improvement science come together to provide a simple guide to improving services for patients, service users and staff.

E-LEARNING Recognising that our staff have different learning styles and work patterns we have developed a range of approaches that facilitate personal and professional development. Training can be accessed at an individual level using one of our e-learning products e.g. The Introduction to Quality Improvement, allows staff to become familiar with improvement science concepts and simple quality improvement tools and techniques; and is complimented by supporting practical and reading resources.

ACCREDITED TRAINING PROGRAMMES Staff wishing to undertake a quality improvement project and gain a recognised qualification can enroll in one our newly developed Award, Certificate or Diploma programmes: The Quality Improvement Award focuses on effective participation in change; The Quality Improvement Certificate focuses on leading a small step change project; The Quality Improvement Leader Diploma focusses on leading a significant work based change project.

The Continuous Improvement Team support participants “learn by doing”, exploring problems and testing solutions using the IHI Model for Improvement. The aim of our quality improvement capacity and capability training is to ensure staff feel confident and competent in their quality improvement role. The approach adopted includes practical workshops, one to one facilitation, peer support and complimentary e-learning resources.

THE FOUNDATION IN QUALITY IMPROVEMENT (LEVEL THREE AWARD) FOR STAFF AND SERVICE USERS, LOCAL COMMUNITIES Integral to coproduction and codesign is providing service users and local communities with opportunities to develop their quality improvement knowledge and skills. Southern Trust has launched a quality improvement Award targeting service users and local communities commencing September 2017.

This opportunity has been previously tested by our staff. It is envisaged that this group of 12 service users will inform future programmes which will be offered to both service users and staff.

QUALITY IMPROVEMENT CLINICS, VODCASTS AND QUALITY IMPROVEMENT NETWORK Alternatively staff can choose to bring their improvement challenge or project to a Quality Improvement Clinic or be inspired by one of our many staff quality improvement Vodcasts or join one of the Quality Improvement Network sessions.

MEASURABLE IMPACT The measurable impact of this approach has been:

Developing quality improvement capacity and capability within the organisation based on organisational need and informed by staff at the planning, implementation and evaluation stages

Supporting staff to lead over 100 small step and team/service based quality improvements which facilitate the delivery of safe, high quality health and social care.

Strengthening foundations for improvement, in terms of the core knowledge, skills and attitudes required to deliver safe, effective, and person-centred Over 800 staff have self-nominated for the 45 minute

Introduction to Quality Improvement e-learning programme which can be accessed on the ward, within primary care or community teams and from the learners own home.

For further information please contact Jacqueline Morton, Head of Continuous Improvement at [email protected]

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