Fab Change Week – 13th to 17th November!

You will notice the big difference this year…  a week not a day and the focus is on YOU !

It is so easy to take part:


1. Think of something you want to pledge about


2. Write your idea/pledge on paper and photograph it – pledge templates are available on the website here (add link) or you could simply write it on a post-it note/notepad or a RCT coffee cup!


3. Upload a photo of your pledge to the Fab website – its as quick and  easy as updating your Facebook status!



4. Put your idea / pledge into action in the coming weeks and months then share your successes and let us all celebrate together!

For now, the focus is on YOUR idea, let’s crystalize it and share to the gallery of inspirational ideas! 

On the FabChangeWeek section of the website you can find resources and ideas and inspiration to help you decide the focus of your idea and pledge.

This year, we aren’t asking you to focus on specific campaigns as we don’t want to limit your creativity. When you submit your ideas pledge photos we may group your pledges into broader themes on the gallery, so that people can see the key themes arising from your ideas and work.

Your idea pledge might fit into one, two or more themes:

• Patient experience

• Patient safety

• Leadership and staff wellbeing

• Service improvements

• The ‘Fab’ Fringe

The Fab Fringe could be anything that you want… perhaps you have something truly unique; maybe it doesn’t fit with the other themes; perhaps your pledge is at the edge with disruptive thinking!

Think big, and remember nothing is too small because we know #LittleThingsMatter.

FabChangeWeek is your opportunity to make your ideas a reality,  connect with us, join forces, build networks and show people what your good stuff looks like.

We have a 100 days working together and then we showcase your innovations and ideas during FabChangeWeek… A #Shareathon so please do join us and join


Coming next week are more resources to help you take your idea forward.

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