Epsom & St Helier NHS Trust have created and implemented a Progression course solely for Nurses and Midwives who want to move from Band 5 – 6 and Band 6 – 7.

The course was devised and is facilitated by the Lead Nurse for Nurse and Midwife Retention and Progression, who is tasked with supporting and developing the nursing and midwifery workforce.

Since the first course in April 2016, we have had about 100 nurses and midwives successfully complete these courses.

The feedback has been incredibly positive and we have had many promotions from this cohort.

The courses are non-clinical, purely managerial and give a flavour of the next level up.

The students have to give a 10 minute presentation, submit a written reflection and complete some competencies, including attending the senior nursing meeting.

The course is so popular that there is a waiting list and attendance for this course is almost 100%.

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