Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust have a closed Facebook group dedicated to the nursing and midwifery staff.

This was set up by the Lead Nurse for Nurse and Midwifery Retention after realising that we are all working in small pockets in the organisation and we don’t always have a platform to share ideas and support our wider team.

It has effortlessly reached over 300 members of the team by word of mouth and has had loads of engagement from all departments.

It is an incredibly positive and supportive area where all members are able to network with each other and learn about what is going on in the Trust.

These days everyone has access to social media via their mobile phones and when nurses and midwives are incredibly busy at work, and on different shifts on different days, it can mean that they feel less part of the organisation and team as a whole.

This has gone a long way to addressing this and bridging the gap.

We have just launched a ‘Campaign Challenge’ to triple our members by the end of the year in order to reach more of our team.

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