The words improvement, quality, transformation and change are used almost daily when patient care is considered; it is therefore timely to offer a one day awareness session on improvement which will be the first learning day brought to our staff from the Royal Liverpool Improvement Academy.

This awareness day is open to all our staff, both clinical and non-clinical, ranging from front line staff to operational leaders who are looking to gain an awareness of improvement methodology.

The objectives of the awareness session are for individuals:

1. To have an appreciation of the theory of improvement methodology and how this is relevant in the current NHS context

2. To provide an awareness of tools, techniques and concepts which will help them develop their improvement project particularly on:

• Planning

• Stakeholder engagement

• Delivery • measurement

• Evaluation and sustaining your changes

3. To provide an opportunity for delegates to practically apply the course tools to an improvement project.

The awareness session is being launched as a collaboration between the Service Improvement & Excellence team and the Royal Liverpool Academy which is led by Professor Arpan Guha, Associate MD and DME.

“I am delighted to announce the first learning day from the Royal Liverpool Improvement Academy. This fits with our declared aim of increasing the capacity and capability of our colleagues across all groups to improve all areas of care. It is fantastic that what we launched at QEP week is beginning to bear fruit.” Professor Arpan Guha, Associate MD and DME

Staff are invited to submit an expression of interest for this 1 day awareness session which is being held in the Education Centre on Tuesday, 15th of August, from 9.00am to 16.00pm.

We ask that they come with a problem or a particular project they intend to work up to delivery.

Depending on the level of interest the awareness session can be run on a regular basis however there are other tools such as e-learning within the Royal Liverpool Academy site, the Staff Engagement app, Staff Hub etc.


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