Here at Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen Hospitals we have introduced a requirement for our Care Groups to evidence their benchmarking activity.

In line with the NHS Five Year Forward view, it is recognised that there is a requirement to proactively identify and suggest opportunities to optimise and drive quality and efficiency efforts through external and internal insight.

To enable this we need to deliver greater insight from data and other sources to support Care Groups to make more informed decisions, increase efficiencies and support the delivery of our strategic plans.

Our ‘Insight’ lead collects and disseminates insight from a wide range of sources such as Model Hospital, NHS Benchmarking, FabChange etc.

The aim of the insight function is to disseminate sources as a strategic entity to encourage Care Groups to foster discussions about existing and future developments.

Dissemination and deployment of insight is managed in a co-ordinated way in order to impact on the strategic objectives.

There is a wide range of sources available however it became apparent that there were significant gaps in understanding how to realise these opportunities.

The Insight lead meets with each Care Group monthly to discuss opportunities which arise from the insight.

Care Groups report opportunities and delivery plans every 6 months.

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