As part of the Millom Alliance and Better Care Together, the community group in Millom have launched a new and exciting community project called CHAIN which aims to bring together all of the brilliant volunteers in Millom and the surrounding areas and link them up with people who need a helping hand.

CHAIN stands for Community Help and Information Network which is a cost free service that coordinates volunteers to help their fellow community members with anything from mowing a lawn to doing their shopping.

CHAIN utilises a system called Rally Round which is a free to use online service which makes it easy for friends and family to come together and help a loved one stay safe and well at home.

This tool can be useful in a number of settings, for example if a member of the community is balancing work and care and is struggling to take time off to transport a relative to regular doctor’s appointments Rally Round would let them arrange and selected individuals can deliver on the ground.

Additionally Rally Round supports unpaid and informal carers by helping them share their caring role with other trusted family members, friends, neighbours, volunteers or paid workers involved in the caring situation.

Rally Round is being piloted within Millom and if successful could be rolled out into other areas. Logo attached was created by the community group.

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