Good to Go is our campaign to get 1,000 Coventry folk, especially those who are disabled, more physically active.

How does real change happen? We think about this a lot. It seems to us that services are important to changing someone’s situation but they’re not enough. So how do you make the other bit happen?

Public Health in Coventry have given us a chance to find out. Good to Go is our campaign to change people’s health.

We have created a network of people who personally commit to help us get a 1000 folk more active because of their enthusiasm for a healthier Coventry.

People like Alison: ‘everyone deserves a good life, to get it we don’t necessarily need equipment, we just need each other’.

Our network meet up regularly to exercise our creative brains. Our meet-ups are fun and informal We usually begin with a quick overview and a story. Then it’s over to the group to see where skills, ideas and connections could lead…

So far we have created:

Slow roll – a group of around 100 people who meet up to cycle slowly around the city for 5/6 miles, taking in the scenery and having a chat

Swim and tonic – an opportunity for folk to connect whether taking a dip in the pool, lake, or sea!

Speed dancing 6 dances in 60 minutes and a lot of fun https://twitter.com/speeddance2

Feel Good – collective building a community of likeminded people who may have experienced serious illness around what makes them Feel Good.

If you want to know more contact Mel Smith [email protected]

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Clare Wightman

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  1. Grey Lad
    Grey Lad 31 May 2016 at 6:58 am

    Are you classing dementia as a disability and encouraging involvement from those with such a diagnosis.

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