Good leaders create followers, right?

Wrong. Good leaders create more leaders. They spread the opportunity to make change happen from the top of an organisation to the bottom and out into communities.

But you have to believe that everyone has something good to offer.

Parents from some of Coventry’s neighbourhoods aren’t used to being thought about like that. Grapevine Coventry and Warwickshire is bringing together a group of parents.

We’re helping them develop the vision, confidence and skills to be equal partners in Public Health’s plans to improve the lives of local children. It’s the only way to get it right. And why are we doing this?

We’re doing it so that parents are:

•strong enough to change the conversation between themselves and services so that services get it right for them, first time and every time

•informed and connected so that they use the right services at the right time

•able to support other parents and local communities to kickstart parent to parent groups eg around breast feeding or stopping smoking

Ruta, from Eritrea, came to Coventry in 2010 and had her first baby when she was 17. She told us: I understand Eritrean culture. Many women focus on what goes on inside their house. I know that if I want to grow I must look outside. I want to help other parents to do this too.

If our approach makes sense to you too and you want to know more contact Mel Smith at [email protected]

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