2017-05-01_59078bae8c3d2_IMG_5551Maternity Direct Plus – Basildon & Thurrock NHS Trust.

This project is using social media to connect with women and their families.

Midwives answer non-urgent concerns from the very start of a woman’s maternity journey (from preconception- 28 days post natal).

We do this by being in “their world” not expecting women to come to us, we are available 7am-9pm, 7 days a week- we use the media platform Facebook .

We started in November 2015 and now have 3400 followers, we average 15 messages a day and post health messages daily.

2017-05-01_59078bae8c517_IMG_5680So women have us appearing on their Facebook timeline daily with trusted public health information.

It truly is fabulous stuff!

Add to that we have started to teach a hypnobirthing course weekly via Skype, women know about it via the Facebook feed and their own community midwife.

We are helping women to achieve the “right maternity journey for them”, helping women achieve a healthier pregnancy and thus a healthier baby.

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