Doncha just love it , when out of the blue you come across something simple and ingenious?

Today I discovered Message in a Bottle – nope not the iconic 80’s hit from The Police.

message in a bottleRather Brenda, a Rotary Club volunteer, working at Queens Hospital (Barking, Havering and Redbridge University NHS Trust).


Message in a bottle is a voluntary scheme for anyone living home, who might be reassured to know that essential information would be readily available to the Emergency Services should they suffer a sudden illness or accident at home.





The bottle contains a form and 2 labels.

You complete the form with your personal details, illnesses, medication, allergies, your GP details and carer details.

message in a bottle 2Once completed you put the form back in the green bottle.

You stick one green label on the back of your front door.

You place the bottle in your fridge and put the second green label on the fridge door.

If the local emergency services, fire brigade or emergency doctors have to visit, they see the green label on the back of your front door and know to go to your fridge to retrieve the bottle with all your vital information.

When emergency services see the medical information and personal details of a patient they can render safer and quicker care by short cutting time consuming fact finding questions.

Now that’s a message in a bottle worth getting and such a simple idea.

For more information contact www.bhrhospitals.nhs.uk.charity

And a big thank you to Brenda – doing an amazing job for the local community.



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