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2017-03-30_58dcfde8b1a96_Save7logoWe are all aware of the financial challenges facing the NHS, by listening to staff at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust we learnt that although some knew about the financial challenges that we face, many were unsure how it related to them or felt it was a “strategic or management issue.”

Making cost improvement interesting and personal was the challenge!

At a meeting in February 2016, the idea was created that if every member of staff saved £7 pounds a week by reviewing and changing the way they work, we could save over a million pounds a year.

No idea would be to obvious, small or simple… Save 7 gives staff both a platform and voice.

All staff have a shared purpose – we recognised the importance that if we were going to enable improvements across the whole Trust, we needed to build a movement of change in the hospital.

We used traditional methods of communication to tell staff about the vision and send out our call to action but we needed to break with tradition to make a real connection and go beyond giving a message – we wanted staff to not only share ideas but have ownership of Save 7.

An idea was submitted by a clinician asking for a volunteer in his department that he could share ideas with and so we sent out a call Trust wide for Save 7 volunteers – now known as Champions.

2017-03-30_58dcfde8b195c_Presentation2We now have 69 Champions (29 of these are from clinical areas).

The champions quickly became a strong network and have quarterly meetings where they discuss issues that they need help with and agree actions and next steps.

One Champion said it would be easier to be able to just drop-in and chat so ‘teapot sessions’ were created! This more informal setting gives some people more confidence to talk and network with colleagues.

How do you connect with 4000 busy members of staff? We had be adaptable & creative and most importantly we had to communicate in the right way to get to the right people!

We needed to connect with a diverse and incredibly busy workforce; staff who worked day and night every day of the year and so we developed a vast range of communications, including bulletins, a leaflet for new staff, fun interactive competitions, open days, and we also developed the Save 7 intranet toolkit an innovative online resource.

Save 7 has got to the very heart of Salisbury hospital.

What started as a campaign has been embraced by every single member of staff, it is has shaped how we think and what we do on a daily basis.

Save 7 simultaneously delivers financial savings and improved patient experience across the whole hospital.

We planted the seed, but it is our staff who have made Save 7 grow.

The team and Champions are delighted to have been shortlisted for an HSJ value in Healthcare Award.

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