2017-03-16_58ca96cc3499e_QRBOARDQR Info Pods are a new and innovative way of communicating information to patients through a fast, measurable digital interface and can save practices thousands of pounds each year in printing costs.

QR codes are already extensively used in health services worldwide and are now being introduced in the UK.

A GP surgery in South Wales has trialled the use of QR Info Pods in their surgery reception area, waiting areas and corridors.

The QR pods include codes linking patients directly to all of their online services such as their website and registration pages for online appointments and repeat medication.

As you can see in the diagram illustrating the pod design, the pods also have dedicated sections linking to their social media sites and a wealth of self help guides, educational videos such as antibiotic awareness and carers services, national and localised health promotional campaigns as well as localised services.

Crucially there are codes linking patients to seasonal information sources such a flu vaccination campaign videos and materials which the practice found to be invaluable during the busy winter months. Patients simply scan the code using their Smartphone and they have instant access to the digital information the practice wants them to see.

The practice also uses Google Analytics to track how often each QR code is scanned giving them measurable results. T

he practice experienced an upsurge in their Twitter followers and online registrations of nearly 300% since placing the pod in their reception area allowing them to communicate more freely with patients through social media at no cost.

The practice has also experienced a drastic drop in the amount of forms they print for patients as they are now available to be scanned saving them money. They were also praised in a practice inspection for their use of QR Info Pod’s with it being described as innovative, ground breaking and a great example of prudent healthcare in action.

The practice has also received great feedback from patients for their efforts with one young patient stating the pods were ‘so cool’.

For more information contact the Practice Manager, Steffan on 07794873377 or email him at [email protected] Twitter: @QRInfoPod

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