The NHS is struggling under the pressures of under-funding, a growing elderly population and increase in people living with long-term conditions. It is impossible to fully meet the needs of patients with traditional healthcare and thus inappropriate admissions and frequent attenders are common. Social Prescription offers an alternative. A treatment option that CAN meet the 70% of health needs that are not purely of medical origin and in doing so has proven ability to save the NHS money, time and bedspace. Furthermore, it consistently shows positive impact for patient’s wellbeing, satisfaction and ability to self-manage their conditions making it a much needed preventative rather than reactive approach to healthcare.

The amazing charity the College of Medicine introduced me to this innovative approach 3 years ago and I have championed it ever since, never ceasing to be astounded by the diversity of benefits it provides. Yet it is still poorly recognised and therefore under-used meaning patients are losing out. I am pledging to spread the word about social prescription to get people talking about it, what it is, how it helps and how to implement it. Hopefully this will help the movement grow and create a more sustainable health system and more empowered, healthier communities.

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