The Pocket Midwife App, highlighted earlier this year in the National Maternity Review and developed by Midwives at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust has proven to be a huge success with over 12,000 downloads to date.

Features include a pregnancy journey with realistic useful information about mum and baby and a contraction counter that even the most panicked birth partner can navigate.

Useful contacts page, what to bring in to hospital check list and the local hospital information leaflets have all proven to be very popular.

The Midwives are currently working on a version 2 which will include additional features requested my mums and midwives.

The Midwives attribute its success to its simple to use concept, containing information users can trust to be accurate and reflecting fabulous NHS maternity care in the UK.

Not satisfied with the App alone the midwives have gone on to produce a Pocket Midwife Pack for all new mums having their baby at NUH. The team asked new mums and other NHS Midwives what they would like to see in the Pocket Midwife Pack to ensure it was a valued resource.

Working in partnership with Emma’s Diary and Boots UK the Pocket Midwife Pack provides new parents with reliable useful information as well as some specially selected mother and baby products.

The packs are just part of the commitment of the Midwives at NUH to ensure that Pocket Midwife continues to provide pregnancy information in a variety of formats, which will be accurate and convenient to access, in a way which is fair and transparent to women, their families, to Midwives and other health professionals.

Fabulous NHS Midwives will always be at the heart of Pocket Midwife. The midwives are planning to share Pocket Midwife with other NHS Trusts across the UK with the facility to personalise it locally and offer the Pocket Midwife Packs to more mums. If you would like more information email [email protected]

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