2016-08-03_57a2697c3bbb4_imageLincolnshire Community Health Services (LCHS) is committed to ensuring its staff are informed and knowledgeable in the area of long term conditions.

Six months ago the trust commissioned a Parkinson’s Excellence trainer course for several of their staff

Donna Phillips Clinical Nurse Educator/Clinical nurse lead and Jenny Whiffing Specialist Physiotherapist on Scotter Ward of John Coupland Hospital Gainsborough were two of these participants.

They successfully completed the 10 hour pre course online learning, two day face to face course and practical and written assessments and are now very proud to call themselves Parkinson’s Excellence trainers.

2016-08-03_57a2697c3bd76_imageDonna and Jenny have facilitated the two hour Parkinson’s Explained sessions together. This has given the students on the course the benefit of a multidisciplinary angle from a physiotherapist and a nurse who is also a nurse prescriber therefore both bringing their expertise of the condition into the session.

Last month they had the 100th person Beth sign on the register of attendance and are now working to their next target of 200!!

They have currently trained 128 staff so are well on their way to that next target. Donna and Jenny love teaching the sessions and are so proud that the knowledge they are giving to the staff is being taken back into the work and home setting which will ultimately improve care for the patients of LCHS.

The feedback from the sessions is always overwhelming positive. They are both going to be playing an instrumental part in the #MyMeds campaign as part of the Fab Change Day Campaign in October (https://fabnhsstuff.net/fabchangeday/campaigns/mymeds/) as part of the sessions and by Donna in her role as fab ambassador for the Academy of FabStuff .

This will see them actively promoting the importance of Parkinson’s patients getting their medicines on time every time.

The original trainers course was facilitated by Wendy Chandler from Parkinson’s UK Speaking about the course Wendy Chandler Education Adviser at Parkinson’s UK said: “As a charity we are always trying to ensure that as many health and social care professionals as possible understand how to best manage the condition. If we can train internal trainers they can cascade the learning to the staff who are on the front line caring for patients.” “We want Patients with Parkinson’s to be cared for by staff who properly understand the condition partnership working and cascaded learning helps us reach as many staff as possible.”

That’s what Donna and Jenny wish to do by facilitating the sessions for LCHS Staff

Please contact Donna or Jenny for any details on [email protected] [email protected]

To arrange a course for your staff to become trainers contact Wendy Chandler on [email protected]

About the Author:

Scotter Ward is a nurse led ward in a busy community hospital in Gainsborough which is part of Lincolnshire Community Health Services. We have just over 40 clinical and non clinical staff and have 23 beds 21 intermediate care and 2 palliative care. We are a team passionate about what we do and always strive to improve standards for our patients and staff

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