Sarah Woolaston was a GP, now she is an MP. She was a Brexiter now she is a former Brexiter. She’s given them the heave-ho because of the porkies they are telling about £350m a week being sent off to Euroland.
Apparently, £350m isn’t shipped off. Well, it is shipped off, although technically it isn’t shipped off because it doesn’t leave our bank accounts. But, about half of it is, or isn’t sent and half of it comes back, even though it never left our bank accounts.
As I pointed out in a previous eLetter, the beneficiaries of the bit that doesn’t leave or comes back or does, are farmers, research and small business.
So is Dr Sarah Wooly MP an inner or and outer?
She’s in on the NHS but is she out on everything else?
Is she an inner outer or an outer inner?
Is she out on migrants coming in but in on migrants using the NHS if they can get in, which presumably, they won’t if she is an outer?
Is she a closet outer on trade deals but an inner when it comes to clinical staff coming in but an outer if it is a plumber? What if it is a plumber who wants to work in the NHS. Would she be in, or out.
What if the plumber, who was an outer, was married to a nurse who could be an inner? Would Dr Wooley vote for the plumber-outer to bring in his wife an inner, even though he was an out but might get in, if his wife was in?
As the chair of the health select committee we look to Dr Wooley for this kind of clarity of thinking and leadership. She will occupy a special place in our hearts. Unlike the Tory Party, half of whom will hate her…. or not. They will hate an outer who turn-coated to become an inner. And the inners will be bemused by her not being an outer.
I expect the NHS choir will preparing to record the Wooly-Hokey-Cokey, in out, in out, shake it all about.
Is she an outer on the tangled bureaucracy of Europe but an inner on the tangled bureaucracy of the NHS? I recall she was an outer for the Lansley reforms but voted as an inner. Since being an inner she has been more of an outer. Indeed, she must have been thought of as an inner to get the job of Chair of the HSC, although she behaves like more of an outer.
Twitter was asking; has she come from being a Brexit to a Brin, to sidle up to the beleaguered Cameron in the hope of inheriting the job of Secretary for State for Health after June 23rd. I doubt Dr Wooley is quite ready for such a promotion… anyway the incumbent is an inner so he is unlikely to be thrown out. Unless the outers win and the Tinkerman is toast. But, as an outer turned inner, Dr Wooley will be out of the inner circle.
The next from the conspiracy theorists; is Dr Wooley’s conversion from an outer to an inner carefully choreographed. Pretending to be an outer and then becoming and inner; designed to destabilise the outers. It’s more likely to make the inners wonder what’s happening and which bit of the Doctor is still out, or in.
So, I fear I cannot unravel this conundrum. We are still left with the question; is our Sarah a Wooley-jumper, or a caridiginner.
Have a good weekend.
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