The BMA never intended to negotiate in good faith, for a deal to end their strike threat. 

This is the only conclusion to be drawn from a collection of one thousand pages of damaging leaked communications between Johann Malawana, the junior doctor’s leader and the BMA junior doctor membership.

There are questions.

 Are the leaks genuine?  

In my view, yes. They were obtained by the HSJ who are more than experienced enough to triangulate their sources.

What do they say?

Follow the link for the full story but in terms; Malawana advised BMA strategists to spin-out the dispute.

The purpose?

Presumably, protracting the dispute to maximise the embarrassment for the government. Moreover, to ‘force’ the government to impose the contract, which would mobilise more JD support and keep the dispute going.

Why is this important?

 This strategy contrasts with the public-stated aims of the BMA that it was; all about getting the DH back around the table to talk about a contract that ‘wasn’t fair and wasn’t safe’.

The upshot?

The BMA claim the leaks are selective and represent strategy discussions over time. The problem with that is they are so close to the actuality and the time-line, it is impossible to dismiss them on such terms.

 The fact that St David Dalton, called-in to arbitrate, reported he was unable to reach a deal, surprised us all. Match the leaks to the events and we can see why. The BMA never wanted talks in good faith, did they?

At one point Malawana advises against the removal of emergency cover as a ‘vanity event’ for junior doctors.

The leaks also reveal the rumours were right and as I claimed, there was and is a split at the heart of the the BMA.

It looks like the junior doctors have been had; cannon fodder, exploited by a trades union with a Machiavellian purpose. I met junior doctors wracked with guilt, freezing on picket lines, committed and passionate… used.

 The public have been shunted off waiting lists for investigations, operations and out-patient appointments. Manipulated by a cunning trades union… expendable collateral.

 Jeremy Hunt, traduced by vehement junior doctors, misled into abusing the Secretary of State on a totally false premise.

 The press duped into supporting a completely bogus campaign.

 The Royal Colleges made to look fools by pressing for last minute talks, adding to the drama, when talks could have concluded months before.

 However much Malawana wriggles and the BMA dissemble, they are exposed. Exposed to their colleagues, revealed to their membership, uncovered to the patients they claimed to be protecting, unmasked to the journalists they conned.

 The layers have been peeled back.

 How ugly. How deeply unpleasant. What industrial scale deceit.

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