BrumYODO is a local collective set up with the aim of encouraging people to talk about death and dying in img_4272.jpgBirmingham.

Lack of openness and willingness to talk about death and dying has affected the quality of and access to support services for people at the end of their lives.

Our aim is to open the conversation to encourage people to talk about and plan for their own death and demand the end of life care they deserve. We are a social movement of organisations and individuals committed to a Good Death.

We are hosting, planning and encouraging a series of events in Birmingham for Dying Matters Week 9th – 15th May. These include Death Cafes, Before I Die Walls, Traditional Tales, a Death Disco and some surprises.

For more information join us @BrumYODO on Twitter or our Facebook page BrumYODO and Website: http://www.anaturalundertaking.co.uk/brumyodo/ 

Sharon Hudson is a wife, mum and adopted Brummie who does a bit of Palliative Care for Solihull Community Services @ShazzaHudson

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