caring for carersAt ULHT we developed a carers policy to ensure we consider carers as experts in care; after all they know our patients so much better than we do!!

The problem is that carers often don’t consider themselves as carers; they are a husband, a wife, a son or daughter….they don’t have ‘Carer’ tattooed on their forehead…so it can be really difficult to identify them.

To help us do so we are launching our carers badge today,  20th November, National Carers Rights day.

This badge and lanyard enables carers to be at the hospital 24/7 if they wish, to be present at ward rounds and whenever they need to be. This is our approach to Johns Campaign and goes a step beyond dementia care to incorporate all carers.

We are piloting the initiative on 4 wards at Pilgrim Hospital, 5 at Lincoln County and 1 at Grantham.

We will be evaluating with real time surveys and feedback and look to roll out across all our hospitals in the New Year.

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  1. Johns Campaign 19 November 2015 at 9:20 pm

    WE were talking about you today when I met Sharon Kidd at the Patient Experience celebrations. You are doing such great work for you patients and their families. Keep right on!

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