The Royal College of Physicians’ Future Hospital Programme aims to promote new models of delivering medical care in hospital and community settings. The programme is seeking to collect and share examples of teams and individuals who are delivering care in innovative ways to improve patient care.

Doctors Myra Stern, Louise Restrick and Melissa Heightman from Whittington Hospital, London, talk about the benefits of providing integrated care for respiratory patients including those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, their shared vision and ethos, how their service has improved retention rates and motivation, and become a beacon for training in integrated care. The three videos feature different aspects of their service.

Dr Myra Stern and Dr Louise Restrick discuss how their integrated care service was established, including the wide range of healthcare professions available and what motivates the team.

‘We share values as a team…it’s patient centred care, so it’s focusing on what matters to patients’

Dr Louise Restrick discusses what their service means for staff, including their high rates of retention and motivation. ‘We think about … how are we going to support you living better at home with your long-term conditions?’


Dr Melissa Heightman discusses the quality of training she has experienced, and the difference it has made to her practice.
‘I’ve had lots of exciting novel training opportunities in this role… and that has been a real revelation to my own practice’

This case study was first featured on the Royal College of Physicians’ Future Hospital Tell us your story web pages, where you can read a full range of case studies http://bit.ly/1H3Mfn4

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