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#100DaysofChange – Stories from Change Day 2015

Radical tea cup

15 December 2014Kate Pound and Jennifer ClemoCategories: 100 Days of Change

The NHS IQ Horizons Team decided to get together each Monday for the Radical Tea-Cup because they felt that they needed to have time to connect, to share, to be creative, and to look at what they could do differently. The Radical Tea Cup is a time for the team to say ‘wouldn’t it be great if…’

Change starts with me

14 December 2014Dr Victoria HewittCategories: 100 Days of Change

Dr Victoria Hewitt is a specialist palliative care physician with an interest in medicines management at the end of life. She made a pledge last year as part of NHS Change Day to constructively criticise and report any drug errors that she came across in her practice.

Implementing a 24 hour postural management service

13 December 2014Sarah BrownCategories: 100 Days of Change

By really listening to our service users, we identified a gap in provision of night-time positioning aids within our area. As we are already doing the posture assessments for the special seating, we felt we were well placed to be able to fill this gap and provide a service offering 24 hour posture management.

Giving Voice to People with Learning Disabilities

12 December 2014Jane ParrCategories: 100 Days of Change

For Change Day 2014, Jane Parr of Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, pledged to help as many people as possible to meet the 5 Good Standards for Communication for people with learning disabilities. As a result, they ran a month long campaign called Giving Voice to People with Learning Disabilities to raise awareness of the 5 Good Communication Standards. Giving Voice to People with Learning Disabilities encouraged organisations and individuals in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to think about and improve the way they communicate with people who have learning disabilities.

How we’re changing the world!

11 December 2014Jackie LyntonCategories: 100 Days of Change

Since the first ideas of NHS Change Day bubbled up in 2012 with grassroots and improvement leaders, it has attracted people all over the world who have engaged in conversations with each other, with the interest in making change happen in health and care, and it has grown and developed and continues to grow today.

Could your campaign be one for NHS Change Day 2015?

10 December 2014NHS Change Day teamCategories: 100 Days of Change

As part of NHS Change Day 2015, we want to support and develop a selection of small to medium sized campaigns in order to raise awareness of issues that affect the NHS. Could that be the issue you are passionate about and is it time to give a louder voice to your campaign?

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Coaching an NHS Manager for free

09 December 2014Paul Wicks and Pollyanna JonesCategories: 100 Days of Change

Paul’s coaching sessions are phenomenal: he really listens and offers sound advice. Helping me navigate through different career choices, decide what to do next when I am dealing with a new situation at work or just listening when I have tied myself in knots. He offers more than advice, his coaching provides me with a degree of questioning which enables me to get there on my own. Through working with him, I have started to gain the confidence to emerge as a NHS manager in my own right, to realise the career is based on skills and that we can really offer something to the NHS.

Spotting the warning signs of sepsis in children, at an early stage

08 December 2014Jeremy TongCategories: 100 Days of Change

Every year a number of children die from severe and sudden infections in situations that could have been avoided if their condition had been recognised and treated earlier. Although guidelines exist for the treatment of sepsis, spotting sepsis in children is very difficult. A working group led by Jeremy Tong developed the Paediatric Sepsis 6, a tool modelled on the already-existing adult version. This aims to give clinicians the information they need, in readily accessible form, to help spot the warning signs of sepsis at an early stage.

#6Csy: compassion in practice

07 December 2014Joan Pons LaplanaCategories: 100 Days of Change

Friday was International Volunteer’s Day, so this weekend we are celebrating the Change Day volunteers (otherwise known as ‘hubbies’), who are working to support Change Day activity in their regions. Today, Joan Pons Laplana tell us why he became a Change Day volunteer and about his #6Csy event.

Why I became a better change agent for the NHS.

06 December 2014Dani GillettCategories: 100 Days of Change

Yesterday was International Volunteer’s Day, so this weekend we are celebrating the Change Day volunteers (otherwise known as ‘hubbies’), who are working to support Change Day activity in their regions. Today, student nurse Dani Gillett tells us why she was inspired to become a better change agent for the NHS.

Celebrating Change Day volunteers on International Volunteer Day

05 December 2014Maria DavisonCategories: 100 Days of Change

Today is International Volunteer Day, and we're using this day to recognise all of the work our volunteers do to make a change for the better. Over the next few days, we'd like to celebrate our Change Day volunteers, known as ‘hubbies’, who are working to support Change Day activity across the country. Our first volunteer story is of Maria Davison, a Change Day ‘hubbie’ in the East Midlands who this week won an award in the inaugural Frances Jaye Care and Compassion Awards.

Learning from each other

04 December 2014Dr Nicki Kelly and Ms Lydia SaliceCategories: 100 Days of Change

Historically in the NHS, hospital doctors and managers have struggled to find ways to work effectively together due to a lack of understanding of each other’s roles. Often, junior doctors have never even met a manager prior to taking on a consultant post. We wanted to address these issues by bringing doctors and managers together to change perceptions through earlier engagement and joint leadership training. We pioneered a Paired Learning scheme at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, as our 2014 NHS Change Day pledge, matching junior doctors with managers to gain an insight into each other’s roles and perspectives, through dialogue and shadowing.

Why having the right wheelchair can be life changing

03 December 2014Paula MoultonCategories: 100 Days of Change

Paula Moulton is an international award-winning wheelchair dancer, who represents one half of the dance partnership called Strictly Wheels. Find out how her wheelchair changed her life, and why the right wheelchair is vital for every patient who needs one.

How collaboration improves patient experience of clinical trials

02 December 2014Piran SucindranCategories: 100 Days of Change

My name is Piran Sucindran and I work for Oncology and Haematology Clinical Trials (OHCT) at Guys and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. We pledged to continuously collaborate with patients to identify key areas of development and design, and implement improvement strategies. As a result, this year we launched our Patient Experience initiative We had three events, which looked at introducing patients and staff to the idea of collaborative service improvement.

Staff wear continence pads for a day

01 December 2014Geriatric Department, University Hospital LeicesterCategories: 100 Days of Change

Dipti Samani and members of the geriatric department at UHL wore continence pads for a day to see how it feels for their patients Members of the geriatric department at University Hospital Leicester pledged to [...]


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