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#100DaysofChange – Stories from Change Day 2015

Eating a renal diet

08 January 2015Amanda NewnhamCategories: 100 Days of Change

Amanda Newnham is currently training to be a childrens' kidney doctor. She decided last year to undertake the challenge of eating a "renal diet" for a week. After all, how hard could it be...?

Corridors of power

07 January 2015Gavin SykesCategories: 100 Days of Change

A few months ago I decided that I didn’t particularly like the decoration on a certain corridor at work. So I asked our mental health day hospital if any of their patients had recently done any artwork. Two hours later, screwdriver in hand, I replaced the drab pictures with some amazing and colourful masterpieces.

Fight Back Mental Health

06 January 2015Lewis ChambersCategories: 100 Days of Change

I have boxed for Weymouth for about 15 years and have seen the changes it can make to people’s wellbeing. So with this in mind I wanted to incorporate boxing and mental health. I spoke to the Weymouth amateur boxing committee who were more than happy to allow me to use the facilities free of charge. I then ran my idea past some of the patients on the ward to see if they thought my idea would be something they would be interested in. With great feedback I promptly spoke to my manager and got the ball rolling. With a little bit of help from the local media Fight Back Mental Health started its journey.

Creating 3,000+ dementia friends

05 January 2015Andy TysoeCategories: 100 Days of Change

In 2014, Andy Tysoe pledged to create 2000 dementia friends by the end of dementia week: 23 May. By December, he had delivered his 100th dementia training session and these dementia workshops have now been delivered to over 3,000 people. The impact of the 3000+ people who have now attended these sessions has been widespread.

What’s your story?

04 January 2015Jennifer ClemoCategories: 100 Days of Change

Stories are one of the most ancient of teaching and learning techniques. Stories can be used to share great ideas and inspire others. This is why we are asking you to log your action and share your story, because you can inspire others to make a change for the better today.

Managing wheelchairs

03 January 2015Marc YerrellCategories: 100 Days of Change

Marc Yerrell, deputy manager for support services in Milton Keynes Hospital, is a Change Day champion who has led two successful campaigns to make a change for the better. Today Marc tells us about the wheelchair scheme he introduced to ensure that wheelchairs are in the right place at the time they are needed.

The ‘pre-loved’ project

02 January 2015Marc YerrellCategories: 100 Days of Change

Marc Yerrell, deputy manager for support services in Milton Keynes Hospital, is a Change Day champion who has led two successful campaigns to make a change for the better. We will be sharing Marc’s stories over the next two days. For today’s story, Marc tells us how recycling has saved the hospital nearly £20,000.

Dementia friendly painting

01 January 2015Andy Tysoe and Rob McWhinnieCategories: 100 Days of Change

Countess of Chester Hospital, in Chester, decided to make a very simple, no-cost change in its paint work to become Dementia friendly, after advice from their painter and decorator Rob McWhinnie.

The story of Change Day

31 December 2014Jennifer ClemoCategories: 100 Days of Change

To celebrate the launch of Change Day 2015, we want to share with you the story of Change Day, to show the impact that small changes can have for health and care. Change Day started with a tweet, but it has grown into the biggest day of collective action for improvement in the history of the NHS.

Challenging myself for charity

30 December 2014Jennifer ClemoCategories: 100 Days of Change

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMlvlqsTpAA In 2011, I decided that I needed a physical challenge. I was relatively healthy, but I wanted a physical and mental challenge to work towards, to help drive my training. I also wanted to do [...]

Moving to NEWS charts on Change Day

29 December 2014Tara MarshallCategories: 100 Days of Change

University Hospital Leicester are to change over from surgical and medical charts to the new standardised National Early Warning Score (NEWS) chart - and they are doing this on NHS Change Day.

Patient Voices

28 December 2014Pip HardyCategories: 100 Days of Change

The Patient Voices concept arose from the desire to transform healthcare by harnessing the power of patients' stories. Digital stories provided the perfect format with which to put patients' experiences firmly at the heart of healthcare.

Promoting team spirit

27 December 2014Sue-Ellen WhiteCategories: 100 Days of Change

Registered nurse Sue-Ellen White wants to promote team spirit in the workplace. With that goal in mind, Sue-Ellen recently made a pledge for Saskatchewan’s first Change Day, which was held on Nov. 6, 2014. Her [...]

Teddy bear X-Ray

26 December 2014Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS TrustCategories: 100 Days of Change

Thirty young patients at the Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust became radiographers for the day and 'X-rayed' their teddy bears' hearts to help them learn more about becoming a radiographer.

Skin to skin

25 December 2014Jenny ClarkeCategories: 100 Days of Change

Jenny Clarke, a clinical midwife, has a true passion that babies are not separated from their mothers and she will do anything to encourage staff to promote this vital part of birth – including graffiti.

Setting up a staff choir and singing programme

24 December 2014Rebecca BuswellCategories: 100 Days of Change

Rebecca Buswell set up a small singing group to visit the wards and spend time with patients at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust. Here you can hear the group sing us into Christmas with some carols and find out about their future plans.

One million people pledge to improve their health in 2015.

29 December 2014Ingrid BrindleCategories: 100 Days of Change

Thornley House Patient Participation Group, Hyde, Tameside are aiming to get one million individuals to pledge to change something to improve their health in 2015, as part of their Health Pledge programme. It’s like a big, communal New Year’s Resolution. They are hoping that people will make small changes that can lead to big progress in health outcomes both mental and physical.

Leeds Respiratory Network

22 December 2014Melissa Canavan and Sarah AndersonCategories: 100 Days of Change

Melissa Canavan of Lincoln Green Medical Centre in Leeds pledged to 'improve quality of care and try to reduce variation of respiratory care in Leeds, through education'. To do this, she decided to set up the Leeds Respiratory Network. She needed a partner-in-crime to help her with this, so she contacted long-term friend and Practice Nurse, Sarah Anderson.

What’s it like to be on a spinal board?

21 December 2014Damian RolandCategories: 100 Days of Change

Paediatrician Damian Roland’s NHS Change Day 2014 pledge was to spend an hour lying on a spinal board, in a collar and block, to experience what his patients go through.

New name tags

20 December 2014Lenore HoweyCategories: 100 Days of Change

Lenore Howey, the laboratory manager at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, made a pledge for Saskatchewan’s first Change Day: to make clearer name tags for lab staff.

It’s about me!

19 December 2014Adam BojelianCategories: 100 Days of Change

Adam Bojelian is a 14 year old boy with cerebral palsy, who has been in and out of hospital for most of his life. Adam has experienced the best and the worst of the NHS and has been an active commentator on the healthcare service – often sharing his own experiences on Twitter. Adam was motivated to join in with this social movement and pledged: "to help ensure children with disabilities receive the best possible care."

School for Health and Care Radicals

18 December 2014Jodi BrownCategories: 100 Days of Change

The School for Health and Care Radicals (SHCR) aims to support and nurture the next generation of change agents. These hierarchically dispersed leaders are encouraged to become organisational radicals by developing the capability to ‘rock the boat and stay in it’.

Sharing my story

17 December 2014Ellie MilnerCategories: 100 Days of Change

Ellie Milner is a Change Day volunteer for patients and the West Midlands. She tells us about her pledge to share her patient story to help improve care for others and how NHS Change Day has had a direct impact on her care.

Not in my job description

16 December 2014Carolyn NelsonCategories: 100 Days of Change

For Change Day 2014, I pledged to do at least one thing every week of the year that is “not in my job description”. Doing my job, improving my job, and improving how other people are able to do their job is important to me. In my clinical leadership role, there are times when things need to be done in new ways to get better outcomes. Working “above the line” and “going the extra mile” are qualities I try to role model, and in my experience, working in this way has led to the best improvements and changes in practice – all leading to my passion: improved care for patients. My 2014 pledge helps me to reflect on the little things that made a difference.


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