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#100DaysofChange – Stories from Change Day 2015

Supporting stammerers in Lincolnshire

25 January 2015Nicola BushCategories: 100 Days of Change, FabChangeDay

Nicola Bush is an Advanced Speech and Language Therapist at Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS). When she heard about NHS Change Day from her trust’s Communications team, she was keen to showcase the changes made to services for adults who stammer in Lincolnshire.

Getting young people involved in creating change

15 February 2015Fiona EllisonCategories: 100 Days of Change, FabChangeDay, FabCYPStuff

More than ever before young people are ready to take an active part in improving their communities. By doing so they can help those around them at the same time as developing skills for life. [...]

National Wheelchair Leadership Alliance

23 March 2015Elaine BaylissCategories: 100 Days of Change, FabChangeDay

A National Wheelchair Leadership Alliance (WLA) has been established to take action to transform the quality and effectiveness of services for people who use wheelchairs.

Think Kidneys

25 July 2016FabChangeDayCategories: 100 Days of Change, FabChangeDay

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is now attracting enormous amounts of discussion due to the fact that it accounts for 25 – 30% of inpatient mortality and costs an estimated one billion pound a year. Patients [...]

Submit a GREATix, (not just) a DATIX – A Learning From Excellence Initiative

11 July 2016#Categories: 100 Days of Change, Celebrating fabness, Fabulous Stuff, Organization development, The 4 Candles Award, The Rosa Parks Award, The TNT Award, Valuing your staff, Visible leadership

In healthcare we often focus on errors in an effort to learn from our mistakes and avoid further harm. Unfortunately this fails to recognise that the vast majority of what we do on a daily [...]

A shift on a trolley

25 May 2015Hannah BairdCategories: 100 Days of Change

On the 11th March for NHS Change Day, the staff at Central Manchester Foundation Trust came together to make pledges to improve patient care. I (a Junior Doctor) decided to undertake a ‘shift on a [...]

Smoothie challenge

18 May 2015Jessica Ward/Elizabeth McGavin - Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust Categories: 100 Days of Change

For NHS Change Day 2015, Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust ran a smoothy challenge to encourage staff to live a healthier lifestyle.

NHS Change Day at University Hospital of North Midlands

27 April 2015 Anna Babic and Natasha KhanCategories: 100 Days of Change

Anna Babic and Natasha Khan, Operational Service Managers, Oncology, Haematology, Medical Physics and Immunology at The Cancer Centre, share what University Hospital North Midlands did for NHS Change Day 2015.

Using patients’ names

24 March 2015Annabeth van StroeCategories: 100 Days of Change

Annabeth van Stroe is an Obstetric and Gynaecological Nurse at the Zaans Medisch Centrum, in The Netherlands. As a Dutch Nurse she has been following NHS ChangeDay with a lot of interest, and when Change Day also started in the Netherlands she immediately became an ambassador of it. Here is her pledge for Change Day.

The LESTER tool

19 March 2015Emma StarkCategories: 100 Days of Change

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhCnAtGLyzA 2 Gether NHS Foundation Trust have a strong commitment to improving physical health outcomes for their service users with serious mental illness. One of the greatest risks to the physical health of this group [...]

Think Kidneys

16 March 2015Julie Quigley and Maire GilhoolyCategories: 100 Days of Change

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is now attracting enormous amounts of discussion due to the fact that it accounts for 25 – 30% of inpatient mortality and costs an estimated one billion pound a year. A team at Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was set up to look into ways of implementing the NICE Guidelines on AKI and fluid management into clinical practice, therefore reducing the potential harm to cardio-thoracic patients.

Luton Social Prescription

13 March 2015Marek LubelskiCategories: 100 Days of Change

On NHS Change Day, March 11, Luton Borough Council and Luton Clinical Commissioning Group, along with partners organisations, are launching Luton Social Prescription, to promote health and wellbeing in Luton. Social Prescribing is about linking people up to activities in the community that they might benefit from, and connecting people to non-medical sources of support.

Change Day Volunteer Coordinators: The Hubbie’s story

10 March 2015Pollyanna Jones and Tracey WellsCategories: 100 Days of Change

Today’s story is that of frontline staff and emerging leaders from across the entire NHS, coming together as volunteers to stand together and take ownership for transforming the NHS and the care they want to see for their patients. In addition to doing this, they are working together to support everyone to make those changes happen themselves.


09 March 2015Ursula TurnerCategories: 100 Days of Change

One week, one country: can the Living Longer Lives team exercise the length of England for NHS Change Day? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEHl-8nPTIw It’s not long until NHS Change Day on 11 March, and the Living Longer Lives [...]

IV Ambulatory Clinic makes life easier for patients

08 March 2015Pennine Care NHS Foundation TrustCategories: 100 Days of Change

Watch a short video from Butler Green Intermediate Care Centre in Oldham. They have a new IV Ambulatory Clinic to allow people to receive IV therapy outside of hospital.  It's helped ensure patients can continue [...]

Rochdale leads on new insulin pump technology

07 March 2015Mena GilbertCategories: 100 Days of Change

Ensuring that young people who have diabetes get the right level of insulin can be difficult, and paediatric diabetes teams are always looking for new ways to support those that they care fore. Two Paediatric [...]

Moving speech and language outreach to where need is greatest

06 March 2015Sarah HassnipCategories: 100 Days of Change

I am a speech and language therapist working in Lincolnshire. My remit as well as leading the language outreach team is to support the team of twelve speech and language therapy assistants who work across the county. Lincolnshire is a huge county and in the past certain areas have received more speech and language therapy sessions than others making for an inequitable service delivery. By encouraging assistants to work more flexibly and to move to where need is greatest on a regular basis, this has allowed the county to be looked at as a whole.

Improving patient care in Victoria, Australia

05 March 2015Janet ComptonCategories: 100 Days of Change

Janet Compton's vision is to lead a revolution to improve patient care at Northern Health in Victoria, Australia. This change is driven by her passion to ensure patients are at the centre of decisions and processes that affect their health and wellbeing.


04 March 2015Mike BrightCategories: 100 Days of Change

I run an initiative called Help From Home that promotes and encourages people to participate in bite-sized microvolunteering actions. Microvolunteering is easy, no commitment, on-demand actions that can be completed in under 30 minutes, and which benefit worthy causes.

Talent for Care

04 March 2015Catriona CurryCategories: 100 Days of Change

Talent for Care is a national strategic framework that is making a difference to the development opportunities available to the support workforce in the NHS. Through improving the education, training and development for support staff, we expect to see an increase in the quality of patient care and a more flexible workforce for organisations, as well as recognising the value and vital role of the support workforce.

Addressing bullying in the NHS

03 March 2015Lynne BowersCategories: 100 Days of Change

I identified that there was a need to address endemic bullying in the NHS, so I created a collection of research and information on how we could tackle bullying within the NHS. I researched best practice, sources of help and support and I collated case studies.

Reducing the incidence of deep vein thrombosis

01 March 2015Simone BrowningCategories: 100 Days of Change

Using inflatable sleeves to significantly reduced the incidence of deep vein thrombosis.

Making training accessible to all

01 March 2015Kate PoundCategories: 100 Days of Change

My action for NHS Change Day is I’m going to challenge and actively support training within the NHS to become more inclusive, specifically around visual, and hearing impairment and dyslexia. I want to widen access to our training, and ensure that it is adapted so that it meets the needs of everyone.

Helping the hungry and homeless

28 February 2015Sharon BakerCategories: 100 Days of Change

Sharon Baker is a volunteer at SIFA fireside, a local charity tackling homelessness, alcohol misuse and social exclusion and Birmingham’s only drop-in centre. Here she shares why she is setting up the Birmingham Teapot Campaign to raise funds to continue to deliver this valued service.


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