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Announcing our FabAmbassadors

FabAmbassadorsThe Academy started on Valentine’s Day 2015 and since then there have been over half a million page views of the fabulous stuff people have shared, showing us what they are doing at the front line, in the board rooms, the community and primary care. More recently we have joined with social care to bring together the work they are doing in partnership with the NHS. We are also featuring the work of the Vanguards and ECIST and expect to do much more soon.

What started as an idea has turned into a social movement of people who are keen to know what good looks like and do it… often better!

Four thousand people a day look at and search the Academy website. Not just from the NHS in England but world-wide. We are a virtual Academy; exploiting the power of social media to reach likeminded people who have an interest in innovation.

However, we do have something missing … FabAmbassadors

We have come to realise we need people on the ground, at the frontline and spread across the NHS primary care and social care, who share our passions and can be a ‘Face of the Academy’.

What’s a FabAmbassador?

FabAmbassadors are enthusiasts, who can use social media, help and encourage colleagues and others to tell us about the good things they are doing and give them any technical help they might need to share it.

FabAmbassadors are familiar with the shares on the Academy website and can suggest how they might provide ideas and solutions where you work and in your circle.

FabAmbassadors will be key and instrumental in FabChangeDay Oct 19th and will work locally supporting FabChangeDay Campaigns.

FabAmbassador News

Roy Lilley and the FabAmbassador journey

About a year ago today some new kids came onto the bloc… our Academy Ambassadors. Volunteers who all share the same vision; finding out what good looks like and sharing it.  As the Academy has grown in influence and interest, so have the Ambassadors.   There are now over 70 Ambassadors working across the NHS and social care, coming to development days, sharing good stuff and arranging Academy Roadshows. Now there is a new development. Ambassador Jane Douthwaite, studying at Northumbria University and based at City Hospitals Sunderland,  is a student midwife with a huge background in change and innovation. [...]

02 May 20170 Comments

‘Every penny counts’ A simple little idea to fundraise

14 December 2016|1 Comment

For the last 9 months we have been passionately raising money in order to refurbish our palliative care suite on the ward. One simple little idea that we have been doing is decorating donated jars and asking people to take them away fill them with coppers and bring them back for our fund. We were unsure how this would go but it has really taken off and we have in the last few months raised over £200.   It proves the old adage that 'every penny counts' It has been a fantastic way to involve the local community in our [...]

Parkinson’s Excellence trainers hit their century of staff trained!!

07 August 2016|0 Comments

Lincolnshire Community Health Services (LCHS) is committed to ensuring its staff are informed and knowledgeable in the area of long term conditions. Six months ago the trust commissioned a Parkinson's Excellence trainer course for several of their staff Donna Phillips Clinical Nurse Educator/Clinical nurse lead and Jenny Whiffing Specialist Physiotherapist on Scotter Ward of John Coupland Hospital Gainsborough were two of these participants. They successfully completed the 10 hour pre course online learning, two day face to face course and practical and written assessments and are now very proud to call themselves Parkinson's Excellence trainers. Donna and Jenny have facilitated [...]

Last years pledge for NHS change day to create 100 more dementia friends smashed!!

04 August 2016|0 Comments

My name is Donna Phillips I am a Clinical Nurse Educator/Clinical Nurse Lead for Lincolnshire Community Health Services (LCHS) working on Scotter Ward at John Coupland Hospital in Gainsborough. I am a Dementia Friend Champion and my pledge for last years change day was to make another 100 dementia friends within LCHS I had already hit my first target of 100 and I wear my gold dementia friends badge that I received for this with pride every day on my uniform. I made a pledge online for NHS change day last year to make another 100 dementia friends. I am [...]

Meet your Fab Ambassadors

Below you will find the names and contact details of our first FabAmbassadors. Why don’t you make contact and see how they can help and support you locally?


Want to be a FabAmbassador in your region?

We need you to tell us a little bit about yourself – nothing major, don’t need to know if you have a clean driving licence or how many GCSEs you got! Just:
• Where you work (name of hospital, clinic, department, GP practice ,care home etc etc)
• What your role is (manager, nurse, specialist nurse, physio, district nurse, GP – you get the idea)
• The geographical region you work in (because The Blonde’s geography is dreadful)
• Email this to [email protected]

Watch videos from the first Ambassadors Day

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