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The Poo Nurses! launch new video to tackle childhood constipation

01 May 2017Categories: CYP Nursing, FabCYPStuff, Fabulous Stuff, Nursing, Patient Empowerment, School Nursing, Staff/role initiatives, The 4 Candles Award, The Rosa Parks Award

Tackling childhood constipation and soiling with a Macrogal laxative "Chronic constipation is something we're seeing far too often in our [...]

Glass vs Plastic Capillary Tubes for Neonatal Blood Gas Sampling

18 April 2017Categories: #CMFTTransformTogether, CYP Nursing

A tour of the NHS ‘SICK’ play teaches children the difference between ‘Big Sick’ and ‘Little Sick’

08 April 2017Categories: #MagicMorecambeBay, CYP Nursing, FabCYPStuff, Fabulous Stuff, School Nursing

A comedy production called ‘SICK’ has been rolled out in Dalton, Ulverston and Askam to teach school children how to [...]

Leeds ‘aspire’ A service providing engagement, hope & recovery #5YFVMH-1 year on

08 March 2017Categories: 5yr forward view for mental health 1 year on, CYP Nursing, Fabulous Stuff, Mental Health Services

The Leeds EIP service, ‘aspire’, is aimed at young people aged 14–35 who are experiencing first episode psychosis. The key [...]

#TheBlonde explores the reality of children living with a parent with alcohol dependency

05 March 2017Categories: BLONDE, CYP Nursing, FabCYPStuff, FabSocialCareStuff, safeguarding

Did you know that 1 in 5 children in the UK live with a parent who drinks too much? No I [...]

C.H.U.M.S – medical students volunteering on childrens ward

01 March 2017Categories: #CMFTTransformTogether, CYP Nursing, The TNT Award

Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s innovative feedback app

16 February 2017Categories: CYP Nursing, digital inclusion, Digital technology, FabCYPStuff, Fabulous Stuff, Learning from carers, Listening to service users, The 4 Candles Award, The Penguin Teamship Award, The Rosa Parks Award, Valueing Service FeedbackTags: ,

Listening to what our children, young people and families told us about how we can improve what we do, we [...]

Aerodigestive Centre Designing a Centre of Excellence

12 February 2017Categories: #CMFTTransformTogether, CYP Nursing, The HMS Victory Award, Working Smarter

Coma assessment tool revolutionises care of children with brain injury

22 December 2016Categories: clinical guidelines, CYP Nursing, Fabulous Stuff, Generating new knowledge to improve care and treatment, Nursing, The 5127 Award

  Background Assessing a child’s level of consciousness is a highly skilled component of nursing and medical practice. However there was [...]

Innovative school project helps educate children about asthma

21 December 2016Categories: CYP Nursing, digital inclusion, Digital technology, education, FabCYPStuff, Fabulous Stuff, Nursing, School Nursing, The HMS Victory Award, The Rosa Parks AwardTags: ,

Hundreds of pupils are taking part in a major project to raise awareness of asthma by producing health information booklets [...]

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