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Nurse by background and pragmatic improver. Member of the NHS Emergency Care Intensive Support Team (ECIST). Passionate about doing the right things to improve patient care. @PeteGordon68

Improving Patient Engagement and Information – The Dr Gulliford Business card model.

2017-07-09T14:04:53+00:00 05 July 2016Dr Stephen R Gulliford BSc MB ChB FRCP(London) PgDip(Toxicology), Consultant in Acute medicine and Clinical Director (Unscheduled Care)Categories: 7 day services, Care of the elderly services, Carer support, Celebrating fabness, Compassionate Care, Complaints and saying sorry, DNA of Care, ECIST Network, Emergency care, Preventing delayed discharge

The Francis report [1] recommended that patients have a named clinician who maintains responsibility for their inpatient care. Trusts have [...]

The last 1,000 days: What happens when patient time becomes the most important currency in healthcare #last1000days

2017-07-09T14:04:55+00:00 04 July 2016Author: Brian Dolan, Director of Service Improvement, Canterbury District Health Board, New Zealand (@brianwdolan)Categories: admission avoidance, Care of the elderly services, Compassionate Care, ECIST Network, Emergency care, FabSocialCareStuff, The Rosa Parks Award

It was running a session with a group of older people’s health clinicians about eight years ago that triggered it. [...]