The virtual CKD clinic is an innovative way of managing the epidemic of chronic kidney disease that we are facing in east London. It is designed to improve the detection and management of CKD in the community, and to facilitate early review of patients who need specialist input.
How does it work?

All GP referrals are made electronically and the following week these patients are reviewed by a consultant nephrologist in eclinic.

With the patients’ permission, the nephrologists is able to access all of their investigations, consultations and medications in the community record.

A comprehensive summary of their kidney disease, and advice regarding management is then entered directly into the GP record.

Around 50% of referrals can continue to be cared for in primary care.

Around 25% will be invited to a nurse-led education clinic to help them to understand and manage their CKD risk factors.

The remaining patients will require further investigation and management in a hospital-based clinic (eg renal biopsy, preparation for renal replacement therapy). These patients can be seen directly in the appropriate sub-specialist clinic, and waiting times have reduced as there is more clinic availability for those that need it.


Rapid access to specialists advice

Avoids unnecessary hospital visits and duplication of tests Improves communication between primary and secondary care

Increases availability in specialist clinics for those who need additional input
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