I am Ignar Rip your new, and I believe the first FAB ambassador from outside the United Kingdom.

I live in Holland in a little town near the Rhine by Arnhem, you know the city of A Bridge Too Far; Operation Market Garden of WW II.

I felt honoured and proud when Terri & Roy asked me if I want to be a FAB ambassador and of course I say yes!

As a FAB ambassador I will be here for you:

One: Helping you to make dementia care easier for you.

Two: Showing how you can turn someones personal music into 
A Care aid – A wellbeing bringer & A help engine for the brain.

Music can be used with people living with Dementia and Parkinsons but also for people with a mental or physical disability.

Music is a powerful healthcare tool which can make your daily work easier. Costs no money and has no side effects 😊

My passion for music as a care aid arose from the 10 years caring for my mother with Alzheimer’s.

Without really thinking about it I integrated my mother’s personal music into our daily care routine, from waking up music to music in the night.

And then I was interviewed for a book about dementia and the writer made it very clear to me that:

 Most care givers don’t use music as care aid!
 And that most care institutions do not use the power of music!

This made a huge impact on me, as I wanted every care worker to be able to benefit from the power of music, making their daily work easier!

And I wanted everybody with living with dementia to be asble to find shelter peace & happiness through their own favourite music.

So I started to read everything I could find about Dementia – music and the brain. This combined with my own experiences became “The COP Method – Care Oriented Playlists”

I wrote a three step plan and built an English & Dutch wesite and thought this is it…….

But then people started to ask “do you give training, do you give lectures?”. That is what I do now: training nurses, giving lectures and advising healthcare organisations.

That’s how it comes that you find me here, your new Fab ambassador Ignar Rip.

Especially for all the “Fab Care Angels”,  I have written the dementia Guide “One Rule Them all” which is a Short & Practical roadmap for an easier dementia care, making your work easier!

I am excited about the new series that I will be sharing over the coming weeks, here on the FabStuff website, and I hope you enjoy the resources and I look forward to collaborating with you.

You are welcome to join Ignar’s dementia Brigade! Why a brigade?

Because dementia care you can’t do it alone.

You need family and volunteers to help you, we need each other to create a dementia care where you will be happy with and where people with dementia feel safe, at home and also be happy with.

So join Ignar’s dementia brigade and let’s make dementia care fabulous!

You can contact or follow me on Twitter @MuziekGeluk 
or on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/ignarrip/


Your Fab (helper) Ambassador 


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Colorectal/Stoma Care Nurse for 20 years. Now working as Head of Education Ostomy Dvision Coloplast Ltd. supporting Nurse Specialists demonstrate their value via Apollonursingresource.com . Love photography and have developed AcademyOfFabulousArtStuff.com a not for profit venture which is all about having fun with photography, painting and drawing to raise money for charity.

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