About a year ago today some new kids came onto the bloc… our Academy Ambassadors.

Volunteers who all share the same vision; finding out what good looks like and sharing it.  As the Academy has grown in influence and interest, so have the Ambassadors.  

There are now over 70 Ambassadors working across the NHS and social care, coming to development days, sharing good stuff and arranging Academy Roadshows.

Now there is a new development.

jane2Ambassador Jane Douthwaite, studying at Northumbria University and based at City Hospitals Sunderland,  is a student midwife with a huge background in change and innovation.

Presentation to the World Innovation Summit, national learning lead with the NHSE School for Change Agents, member of the National Maternity Transformation Programme and founder of the Global Village of Radicals; she has the T-Shirt, been there and done it.

Jane will be our national fabambassador  coordinator developing, supporting and empowering regional fabambassador coordinators to streamline communication and making sharing the good-stuff easier.

We wish her well.  You can contact Jane at [email protected] I’m sure she’d love to hear your ideas and innovations.

Jane is here to help develop the Academy and help us to the next step in our pursuit of excellence.