At Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH) we have developed a single site Discharge Directory where all information related to Discharge including processes, policies, top tips and contact numbers are held.

The original idea was identified through an NHS England Healthcare for Older People Radicals Day Hackathon.

Frontline staff were asked to pitch ideas and the need for a “Discharge App” was identified as staff felt there was a wealth of discharge information available, but it was in too many places, it was hard to find, unauthored and not always up to date.

Staff reported time was wasted searching for information & this was frustrating. The design created in the hackathon proposed a directory of discharge planning information and guidance that could be accessed via a mobile phone app and a computer 24 hours a day.

Staff wanted it to be kept simple & easy to access. It was anticipated that this would improve discharge processes, improve the discharge experience and provide a continuity of care for patients. It was also anticipated that having a consistent directory of information about discharge would provide support for frontline staff to improve out of hours/ weekend discharge rates whilst also providing support for staff to efficiently plan discharges.

The Discharge Site is located on the Trust’s Intranet and is accessible to all NUH staff via the Home Page. Providing all discharge information in one site has significantly reduced staff‘s time spent searching for supporting information about discharge, contact numbers and escalations.

The site supports staff by signposting to the most up to date information. The documents included in the site consist of top tips, flow charts, contact lists and supporting information about processes. All documents are authored & dated and enhance staff’s existing knowledge, dispels myths about discharge processes and ensures all staff have instant access to the information they need at the click of a button. There are also useful links to external agencies for example DOH documents & NICE guidelines. The next step is to develop a mobile phone app version of the site so staff will have instant access at the patient bedside using their mobile devices.

Contacts: Amanda Blackshaw ([email protected] , @BlackshawAmanda ) & Henrietta Parks ([email protected] , @HenriParks ) , Ann-Marie Riley ([email protected] , AnnMarieRiley10 )

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