The pharmacy department at Derby Teaching Hospitals NHSFT reviewed the creation of the MAR (medicine administration record) charts; a formal record of medicine administration for carers for patient with specific needs in the community.

The process required handwriting, duplicating pharmacy labels, all potentially subject to human error and was very time consuming.

Over the course of a three month audit it was found that Average of 4.5 medication items per MAR. 90 seconds per item to produce including production to checking (6m 45s per MAR chart)

Over an historic 12 months worth of data 4594 discharges required a MAR chart Time taken in the region of 517 hours per year for this manual production

Another solution was needed.

Using Electronic Prescribing & Medicines Administration (EPMA) discharge data has enabled pharmacy to create a PDF of the MAR resulting in an almost fully automated (eMAR) solution.

Simply by double clicking a desktop icon, input the hospital number; has ensured a full and accurate eMAR that can be provided as a formal to support appropriate patients post discharge.

Implemented in November 2015, the solution encompasses all of the required patient’s details including allergy status that would once have to be handwritten, or typed into a blank label.

The eMAR is a 100% accurate record of medicines required for discharge as validated by pharmacy.

Risks associated with peeling labels, handwriting or transcription has been eliminated, in addition to a huge time saving efficiency; 70.4% time saved which ensures pharmacy focus efforts in clinical activities.

This has been well received by the clinical and social services teams; Feedback from Derby City Council, Adults Health & Housing colleagues regarding e-Mars:

‘Avoids ‘wrong time’ errors as times are clear on the eMAR chart’

‘The eMAR chart is clear and would benefit the overall safety of the patient’

‘Reduced documentation time of the carer as it is clear where to sign’

‘Encourages good medication management; missed signatures will be easier to spot’

‘Improves the chances of the carer meeting the ‘5 rights’’

‘Reduces carer time on medical/discharge issues follow-up as less chance of information being missed off the eMAR chart now they are linked to the electronic prescribing system’

‘Codes and layout are consistent with the local authority MAR chart’

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