The Safety Thermometer App, built by the NHS Quality Observatory and supported by Haelo, has been introduced to Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust to revolutionise the monthly audit of data.

The audit, a national requirement, aims to monitor harm-free care across the nation.

It is estimated that, in the acute setting, the new process will save on average 58 hours per month– that’s 696 hours per year!

Of this, 73% (507 hours) are clinical hours. That equates to approximately £11.5k per annum.

On average it was estimated that 76.25 hours were spent in total per month on collecting and processing the information for submission in the acute setting alone (excluding paediatrics and maternity).

Successful Feedback Feedback from Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust wards has been very positive, even from those who are reluctant to embrace technology.

Comments include how much time has been saved, how easy it is to use and understand and how refreshing it is to be able to come on shift to do the audit to find it has already been done by another member of staff with little to no supervision. For more information please visit the link below: