In 2014 the NHS employed 150,273 doctors, 377,191 qualified nursing staff, 155,960 qualified scientific, therapeutic and technical staff and 37,078 managers.
Looking at comparisons between staff numbers from 204 to 2014 we can see

  • An ⬆️ of 32,467 additional doctors employed in the NHS in 2014 compared to 2004.
  • ⬆️18,432 more NHS  thats an annual average of 0.5 per cent over that period
  • ⬆️There were 5,729 more GPs and 1,688 more practice nurses employed by GPs
  • And an ⬆️ of 12,432 more qualified allied health professionals
  • However the number of qualified healthcare scientists has ⬇️declined for each of the past five years, with the number in 2014 ⬇️874 below that of 2004

An NHS Partners Network survey shows that more than 69,000 individuals are involved in providing front-line services to NHS patients among their membership. Approximately two-thirds are clinicians.

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