One week, one country: can the Living Longer Lives team exercise the length of England for NHS Change Day?

It’s not long until NHS Change Day on 11 March, and the Living Longer Lives team have set themselves a big challenge: to travel the equivalent of Berwick upon Tweed to Land’s End under their own steam. That’s 550 miles, which they will be covering throughout the preceding week, beginning on 4 March.

Whether it’s walking, running, cycling, swimming, rowing, skiing or on horseback (all of which are in the plan), any method is allowed as long as it’s by their own efforts. In preparation, the team are currently dusting off their bikes, plotting running routes and travelling to the station on foot rather than by bus.

Directorate Co-ordinator Kirstin Miller is planning to cycle every evening that week. “I’ve been looking on Google Maps and using my local knowledge to work out how flat it might be. I’m hoping to do six miles each day,” she says. I’m excited but nervous because if it rains I haven’t got a backup!”

For the team this is the start (or continuation) of an ongoing commitment to stay healthy, and they all plan to have fun along the way too. You can track their progress by following #LLL550 on Twitter.

LLL550 team photo